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June 6th, 2016, 4:27 pm

character poll

Hi OCaC readers (all three of you XD)!
We have a little announcement to make. Like last year, the comic will go on a short summer break in July and early August. But we don't want to leave you for six weeks with nothing - this year, instead answers to reader questions, we're planning to show you a series of sketchy minicomics and/or artwork related to one specific OCaC character.
Which one?
Well, this is where you come in. The 'host' of the summer break will be chosen by means of a democratic vote: just click THIS LINK to see the poll. You have 10 characters to choose from. Vote for whomever you want to see more of!
The voting will stop on 20th June (two weeks from now), at 8PM Central European Time, and the 'winner' will be announced on Tuesday, 21st June. Go vote now! (pretty please?)
(You can check out all the characters here)

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