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May 25th, 2014, 7:42 am


Joolita will spend the summer months travelling and being mostly disconnected from the nets. Thus the comic will go on a break, probably for about 2 months starting July. But we wouldn’t want the comic to go into complete hibernation. So we are asking you for some help. There are two things you could do:

1. Would anyone one of you be willing to contribute some guest art? It would appear on the official page of the comic, during the break.*

2. We are organizing an “Ask a character” session. If you are curious about anything please do not hesitate and ask. The questions can be to the characters, obviously, but if you want you can have some more general questions for us. The answers would appear on our tumblr during the break and probably on the comic page as well, we will create an ‘extras’ section for it or something.*

Please submit you asks through the ask feature on tumblr or comments or private notes and note us about the guest art. We are waiting until June 20th for any asks and declarations of guest arts (we would be thankful for declarations in advance so we could have some idea how many there will be - if any - but you can send or link the art later to me). You can contact us here and:

through Joolita's deviantart page

and our tumblr.

Thank you in advance for your help, we will be very obliged.

*We will probably create a masterpost linking to everything on tumblr and in a devart journal at the end of the summer to thank everyone who contributed.

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