April 12th, 2015, 5:57 pm


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April 12th, 2015, 6:03 pm

We had a busy weekend so technically we're late, at least here it's past midnight already. Oh well some of you won't even notice ;) Ruiso is skeptical of these foreign beliefs ;)

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September 24th, 2015, 4:05 am

Ok, I just noticed something I love about these pages. It kinda looks like those "spot the main character" memes, with Ruiso and his glorious hair XDDD
I don't mean that in a negative way, (I know editing markers can be tricky) I mean I find it just too cute XD

September 27th, 2015, 3:50 pm


Having such characteristic hair makes you easy to spot in the crowd :D. Which can be both good and bad, depends who's looking for you.

And this is nowhere near the "spot the main character" style that Tsutomu Nihei utilises in his masterpiece "Blame!" (we both love that series btw) ;-)

October 2nd, 2015, 6:52 am

The "spot the main character" meme refeers to characters whose hair color (or overall design) is so out of place you'd spot him among millions of people XD. Usually refeers to estabilishing scenes in the animes, where -for example- we see a crowd of students in a class and main character is yet to be introduced...but oh, what is this crazy blue/green/pink/spiky/twirly hair among waves and waves of pleb-brown? Kyle or Killy or whatever's his name is depending on translation has no chances to fit that meme in any way whatsoever, with his standard short hair XD Unless this is some attempt at reversing that meme, where "spot the main character" turs into "The only relatively normal looking person among the crowd of bizzaro abominations from cyber-hell" XD Then I'm not gonna argue. XD

October 4th, 2015, 2:57 pm


XD we turned Ruiso into a meme... it sux. Ruiso's hair isn't supposed to be particularly unique, he is just a red head. And this shade of red contrasts well with other colours, it accentuates them well and with a limited palette Joolita is using it is very useful. In the original idea they were all supposed to have mega colourful anime hair and eyes, but it would have looked tragically bad on the page, so now they mostly have toned down shades but Ruiso somehow slipped past that...

With Blame! we had this joke when we read it, that it's like a "Where's Wally" but with creepy megastructures and scary creatures instead of the crowd of people. In that manga there are some pages where there is this incredibly intimidating towering architecture and the tiny Killy (I have never seen the Kyle version, and frankly neither of them has anything to do with the Japanese spelling XD). And it has become our inside joke that Tsutomu Nihei has a "spot the main character" style.
I think I've seen the meme you have in mind, but somehow it didn't connect, because we have this phrase reserved for the Nihei thing XD. Sorry for the confusion.

October 4th, 2015, 4:38 pm

No problem, thank you for explaining.

And like I said, my first comment was just an innocent joke :) I overally understand your artistic choices and I think you do a great job with the palette!

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